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a place where everybody knows your name


We believe in building a community.  Besides, it's always more fun knowing a friendly face when you walk into a new place.

Stacey, Owner / Instructor

Meg, Strategy Manager / Instructor

Lizz, Front Desk Manager / Instructor

Des, Front Desk / Co-Sweater

Naila, Front Desk / Instructor

Nancy, Front Desk / Co-Sweater

Decklyn, Resident Mini Boss

Cohen, Resident Mini Boss

Deanna, Instructor

Lisa, Instructor

Monique, Instructor

Kaitlyne, Instructor

Samantha, Instructor

Aditi, Instructor

Crystal, Instructor

Helen, Instructor

Amy, Instructor

Emily, Instructor

Brandy, Instructor

Rita, Instructor

Anna, Instructor

Valerie, Instructor

Charisse, Instructor

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